Written by a patient at Royal Surrey County Hospital
Mr Sultan operated on me last year to repair a giant paraoesophageal hernia which had been causing me major discomfort for some time. I was initially reluctant to undergo surgery but Mr Sultan explained the risks associated with not doing so and encouraged me to go ahead. I’m glad that I took his advice. The surgery has been very successful and I recovered remarkably quickly. I experienced very little post-operative discomfort and few of the subsequent problems with eating which I anticipated. I was able to return to a normal (and improved) life within a few weeks. Mr Sultan’s approach throughout was helpful, straightforward and understanding. The other members of his team were similarly supportive and were a pleasure to deal with. Mr Sultan is clearly a skilled surgeon and I feel fortunate to have been cared for by him and his team. I would commend him to other patients in my position.
Written by a carer at BMI Mount Alvernia Hospital
My husband was under the care of Javed Sultan for an umbilical hernia. After months terrified of a growing and painful mass, we managed to get the GP for an “open referral” privately. Francis, the PA, was quick to assure us that my husband would be in safe hands and got us a speedy appointment. Mr Sultan assured my husband and ran a series of tests, he was completely thorough leaving no stone unturned, he was clear in his communication and reassuring. Tests were reported back and the next appointment was a clear diagnosis and an action plan. He listened to my husbands concerns was kind, reassuring yet matter of fact and to the point. At no time were we left feeling uncertain of anything. The operation was speedily booked in and we were 100% reassured and knew exactly what was happening. As a patient these things can be scary, but Mr Sultan was so crystal clear in his communication there were no “what ifs” we just knew what was happening. The operation was a huge success, the scarring is so minimal, to be honest, we can’t see it! The healing process was exactly as we were advised and 6 weeks later my husband is a new man. We cannot thank Mr Sultan enough, I cannot think of how this experience could have been better. We felt so safe in his care, and even question was answered, every concern addressed and – well – I don’t see how anyone could be better. One thing to add. To us it was really important. Mr Sultan has a great sense of humour! With all that was going on, he still made us smile, he built a wonderful rapport with a nervous patient and – well- they say laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes Drs can be really stuffy, but Mr Sultan is down to earth and a real human – he is full of compassion and care, knowledgeable, efficient, and a darn good surgeon. Thanks you so much Javed – we really appreciate everything you have done for Mr A.
Written by a patient at Royal Surrey County Hospital
I have recently been under the care of Mr. Sultan, both in the NHS and in the private sector. In the NHS I underwent a procedure, by Mr. Sultan, that required me to be in the high dependency care at the Royal Surrey Hospital. I cannot speak highly enough of Mr. Sultan, his team and the hospital. He is a very caring and empathetic surgeon who speaks to his patients and not at them both in the NHS and privately.
Written by a patient at Royal Surrey County Hospital
Dr Sultan was a very fair and honest man, when I found out I had cancer he was caring and honest about what was wrong and what needed to be done, from hospital treatment and after-care. Once the operation had been done I found it very difficult with eating smaller amounts and adjusting my diet, Dr Sultan sat me down with my family and explained everything clearly and in language that I understood. I am pleased to say that as of today (19/11/15) I am now at the weight we agreed upon and now only need a 4 month check up rather than 2. I can not fault Dr Sultan in anyway for his actions and professional behaviour
Written by a patient at Royal Surrey County Hospital
After a short period in St Peter’s Hospital I was eventually diagnosed with Upper Gastro-Intestinal cancer. After numerous tests etc I came under the care of Mr Javed Sultan. He wasn’t convinced that I was strong enough to undergo major surgery although this was my chosen way of dealing with the cancer. Being determined to beat my cancer I started going to the gym to build up my strength and fitness but was handicapped by neuropathy in my feet, which restricted by walking and ultimately my general fitness. I persisted and was ultimately deemed fit enough to undergo major surgery, which I did on 14 October. Mr. Sultan and his team were in constant attention and he visited me every day and gave me the assurance I needed. The Rugby world Cup being on I developed a better than average relationship with Mr Sultan and his team which made my stay in hospital much more bearable and resulted in me being discharged on 28 October, a mere two weeks after surgery. Since then progress has slowed a bit but if, and when, I get back in the gym I hope to progress even more. Mr Sultan, his whole team and the nurses at the Royal Surrey were magnificent and I cannot praise them enough. My current slogan in response to my cancer is – CAUGHT IT, FOUGHT IT, BEAT IT.
Written by a patient at Royal Surrey County Hospital
On the 23rd of September, I was admitted into the Royal Surrey Hospital for an Esophagectomy after a sudden diagnosis of Esophageal cancer. It was here where the exemplary care started. It was Mr Javed Sultan, the Consultant, that informed me from the outset what will happen over the coming weeks and what I needed to achieve in order to come through this. Having made the progress needed for a major operation, Mr Sultan confirmed it would happen. My operation was performed by Mr Sultans. The aftercare was also excellent. Mr Sultans’ professionalism and attention to detail gave me so much encouragement that I would come through this cancer as his awareness of my condition, I believe, is second to none. Along with the assistance of his wonderful team, I am now recovering extremely well and not where I thought I would be initially in my convalescence. The consummate professionalism and care of Mr Sultan and his team has helped to saved my life and I thank them all.
Written by a patient at Royal Surrey County Hospital
I was operated on by Mr Javed Sultan on 16th September 2015. He was very honest with me & my wife. He explained what would happen before, during & after the operation. I was in hospital for 8 days in total & every morning & every evening Mr Sultan would visit to check on my progress. He would always listen to what I had to say or any concerns I may have had. After my eleven & a half hour operation Mr Sultan phoned my wife to reassure her that everything went well & I was doing ok. Mr Sultan is a very friendly, approachable man & extremely professional. He comes with the highest recommendation from me & my wife.
Written by patient
Mr. Sultan explained everything, listened and answered any queries from myself and my husband and was very approachable. He had a very nice relationship with other members of staff. Generally a very nice man and a good surgeon.
Written by patient
Similarly to other patients, I had an all-day operation performed by Mr Sultan and his team. Mine was on 21st May last year. He was very approachable before the operation and his care and attention afterwards was exemplary. He came in to see me every day during the 8 days in hospital even on the bank holiday. He always explains what is going on and made my wife and daughters feel very welcome. I have seen him a couple of times since the surgery and he is just the same – friendly, fun to talk to but at the same time very professional. I hope that I will not need surgery like this again but if it happened I would be delighted to be in his care a second time.
Written by a patient

Mr. Javed Sultan is the Consultant Oesophago-Gastric Surgeon at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. I had been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in Sept 2014 and this was followed by a course of chemotherapy. Mr. Sultan and his team operated on me on 25/02/2015 – this involved a two-phase oesophagogastrectomy lasting over 9 hours.

Pre-admission consultations I found Mr. Sultan’s approach extremely professional. his manner was informative and straightforward.

Post Chemotherapy: I was asked by Mr. Sultan to join his new 6 week pre-habilitation exercise regime designed to build up my strength in key areas of my body and improve my cardio vascular to aid me with dealing with the surgery and allow me to retain strength particularly in my upper body and legs post surgery to enable speedier recovery.

Post Operation: Mr. Sultan kept me well informed of developments, making frequent ward visits to check on my progress. His style was caring and inspirational, providing me with the additional motivation required for increased effort on my part, which resulted in a shorter recovery time in hospital – 8 days from surgery to leaving the hospital.

During the whole process, Mr. Sultan always made my wife feel very welcome and at ease during my consultations and when she was visiting me post surgery.

It also has to be said that Mr. Sultan’s entire team, as well as the staff particularly within the ICU unit, were excellent in all respects of my care at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford.

It’s a long recovery period from this surgery (my appointment with the Bus) for me and, so far, I have had no issues or problems, which I believe is entirely down to his skills as a surgeon – he has saved my life.

Mr. Sultan receives the highest recommendation from me.

Written by a member of staff
Mr Sultan is an all round super Consultant, he is a valued member of the team. He issupportive to his colleagues & interactive. His care attention & towards his patients,their families & loved ones is excellent – they feel safe & confident.
Written by a patient

As part of a hernia investigation, I was diagnosed with a cancer tumour in my oesophagus, where it joins the stomach – such a shock. Mr. Sultan and his team removed of 1/2 of oesophagus and 1/2 the stomach in an 11 hour operation at the
beginning of January.

I found Mr. Sultan professional, with a no frills approach of “telling it like it is” with risk and implications well explained. He was much in evidence during my time in hospital, checking on my recovery and encouraging me to push harder to get back
home sooner.

It’s a long recovery period and, so far, I have had no real issues which must be a testament to his skills as a surgeon – he saved my life.

Written by a carer

I was phoned by Mr Sultan on evening after he had operated on my husband to reassure me that everything was ok.

Mr Sultan was brilliant, he always made a point of coming to see me when I came to visit my husband to give me an update on how he was. He was always happy to answer any questions that I had.

Very friendly and approachable and helpful to the extreme.

When visiting clinic after operation Mr Sultan still very helpful. Making sure that everything is ok and seeing if there is anything that he can do

Written by a patient
Absolutely top care
Written by a patient

When I first met Javed he took great care to put me at ease and explain my problemsto me and to ensure that I understood the situation. He was always ready to answer any queries I had and we soon established a very meaningful relationship and were able to talk frankly and freely at all times. Javed never tried to hide anything and gave me as accurate a scenario as possible at all stages of my operation and treatment.

It also has to be said that Javed`s entire team were excellent in all respects of my care at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford.

I have had a large “gist” and my spleen removed and I am enjoying great aftercare and ongoing treatment from Javed and his team. I am being kept informed of future scenarios and possible outcomes and I feel 100% confident that I am getting the best care possible. Also Javed made my wife feel very welcome and at ease during my consultations and was willing to explain everything to her which made it a lot easier for her to deal with my situation

Thank you Javed

Written by a patient

Javed repairs oesophagus ruptures really well.

Clearly a master in his field and great team-worker directing colleagues and seeking advise when he needed to make sure about further actions, for example asking cardio-vascular specialists at Royal Brompton.

Above all, Javed really cares and I’m glad he was in charge of saving my life.

Written by a patient
Excellent surgeon. whom I consider saved my life, a very humane and caring person.I am 84 years old and had stomach cancer. Mr Sultan removed my stomach and all the cancer, for which I am very grateful. I cannot speak highly enough of him.
Written by a patient

Mr Sultan has taken great care to explain every stage of my surgery & follow up visits to both myself & my family. This has helped immensely during a very difficult time.

We are forever in his debt.

Written by a patient
Mr Sultan gives you the time to ask the questions you need to ask and gives you the answers in detail as far as he can. He gives you confidence in his ability and listens to ALL you have to say. He also treats you like a human being and is open to a ‘bit of banter’. I am very pleased to have met him and grateful for what he has done for me.
Written by a patient
Mr. Javed Sultan is a Consultant Oesophago Gastric Surgeon at the Royal SurreyCounty Hospital having moved in March 2014 from the Northern Oesophago Gastric Cancer Unit, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne. A brief summary of his previous experience and achievements is listed on the bmihealthcare.co.uk website. I had been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in January 2014 and this was followed by a course of chemotherapy. Mr. Sultan operated on me on 25/06/2014 – this involved a two phase total oesophagogastrectomy. The approach adopted by Mr. Sultan from the outset was exemplary. Pre-admission, his manner was informative and straightforward . Post-admission, Mr. Sultan kept me well-informed of developments, making frequent ward visits to check on my progress. His style was caring and inspirational, providing the motivation required for increased effort on my part which undoubtedly resulted in a shorter recovery time in hospital. Mr. Sultan receives the highest recommendation from me.