Oeosphageal and Gastric cancer

Mr Javed Sultan came to Guildford in 2014 to help expand and develop the regional oesophago-gastric cancer unit for Surrey. He was a Consultant Surgeon at the largest internationally renowned Northern Oesophago-Gastric Cancer Unit (Newcastle upon Tyne) prior to his appointment at the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

He undertook 2 years of research in oesophageal and stomach cancer. He passed with commendation for the Degree of Doctorate of Medicine and was nominated for the Medical Sciences Doctoral Thesis Prize. He spent 27 months as the senior trainee at the Northern Oesophago-Gastric Cancer Unit in Newcastle upon Tyne and was trained by Professor SM Griffin OBE at the largest oesophago-gastric cancer unit in the UK. Mr Javed Sultan has a keen interest especially in performing oesophagectomy and gastrectomy. His main goal is to improve surgery outcomes and deliver high quality care.

He has recently set up a pre-operative exercise programme which is one of its first in the country for oesophago-gastric cancer surgery to improve outcomes further. The video below is of a patient who has undergone subtotal oesophagectomy and about to be discharged home.

Subtotal Gastrectomy

Total Gastrectomy