Gastroscopy (camera test into stomach)

The “Be Clear on Cancer” was a national campaign to improve awareness of oesophago-gastric cancers which was conducted between 26 January to the 22 February 2015. This was led by Public Health England, working in partnership with the Department of Health and NHS England.

The key messages which were also promoted on the TV campaign were:

‘Having heartburn, most days, for 3 weeks or more could be a sign of cancer – tell your doctor.’ The second message, promoted via other campaign materials were: ‘Food sticking when you swallow could be a sign of cancer – tell your doctor.’

The driving force behind the campaign is purely to diagnose oesophageal and gastric cancers earlier. Earlier diagnosis means earlier stage of disease and a better chance of cure. If you do have any indigestion, food sticking or heartburn, then please see your doctor who contact us for an appointment to assess whether a gastroscopy (camera test into stomach) is required. Please contact us to book your private consultation.

Gastroscopy is a particular area of interest for Mr Sultan. He is an expert and has performed over 1500 procedures. The test can be performed under sedation or throat spray and lasts just a few minutes with very low risks associated. The greatest advantage is to exclude a cancer.