Hernia Surgery

Mr Sultan has vast experience with both open and laparoscopic (key hole) surgery to repair all types of hernias.

Inguinal hernia (groin hernia)

This type of hernia is fairly common. The options are either to leave it alone or have an operation. If you decide to leave it alone, the hernia will never disappear.

It may increase in size or cause symptoms such as pain and discomfort. There is a small risk of strangulation and incarceration where you will need to have an emergency operation. Equally, if you have no symptoms, it may continue like that for years to come but the chances are that you will develop some symptoms from it at some point.

Alternatively, you can undergo an operation as a daycase. Mr Sultan can offer either the open or laparoscopic approach (TEPP mesh repair of inguinal hernia).

There are pros and cons to both different types of procedures. If you wish to discuss this further then please contact us to book your private consultation.

Paraumbilical hernia (belly button hernia)

This is another common site for a hernia and is a simple procedure to fix with a mesh as a daycase. Please contact us to book your private consultation.